Darko Rundek



Between 1982 and 1991, Darko Rundek directed around 50 radio-plays and documentaries for the drama department of radio Zagreb, for which he also wrote the music.

Some of these represented radio Zagreb at various international festivals: Prix Italia, Premios Ondas and Prix Futura.



1991 Ake Blomstrom prize – special commendation for Gang of four by A Savić, T. Jagec, D. Rundek
1986 UDUH major award for Antigone by Sophocles

Seven Against Thebes, Aeschylus   (5:17)
Gang of Four, A Savić, T. Jagec, D. Rundek   (3:17)
Christmas Tree at Ivanov’s, Vvedenski   (2:59)
Faenikians, Euripides   (2:24)
Secret Town, M. Pjaca, D. Rundek   (3:27)