Darko Rundek


HelgaD. Rundek


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my German is very bad
your English is not much better
but Im sure you can understand
every single twist of mind

while we are walking through
this Berlin avenue
Im sure that we will get in tune

me and you
you and me Helge

It was a long time ago
when I was first in Berlin
the wall was still up
and John LeCarr was in my mind
his books where braking through this Berlin avenue
but when I came there later
the wall was razed to the ground

(freedom has many difficulties
and democracy is not perfect
but we have never had to put a wall up to keep our people in)

koliko sjećanja
zar ovo stvarno je put bez kraja
zar ova vatra je vječnaja
u kojoj gorimo ti i ja
zar ovim nebom jezde
uvijek iste zvijezde
koliko smo samo puta već bili tu
me and you

ti i ja Helge
ja i ti