Darko Rundek

Listening room

Dear visitors, welcome to the LISTENING ROOM, where you will find a selection of previously unpublished recordings and extracts from theatrical, radiophonique and cinematographique projects. Rather than let them gather dust in the archives they are presented here for your private edification. Don't hesitate to send us any comments you may have about this material. (Terms and conditions for non-private use must be sought via the CONTACT link).

DEŽELA, Povlja, January 2015

While finialising album MOSTOVI in the village Povlja on the island of Brač, Isabel, Duco and Drako had to record the music for "Jugoslavija, moja dežela", theatre show at Slovenian National Theatre - Ljubljana. It seemd to be a bad luck that those two project coincided, but finaly, work on that music come out as a pleasent contrast to work on structuring album. Free improvisation, common attention and instant creation are anyway the strongest quality of Rundek Cargo Trio;) We are glad to offer those sound journeys to your curious ears.
Have fun!

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